Tips For Finding a New WordPress Theme

Tips For Finding a New WordPress Theme

Setting up your first WordPress theme can be daunting. It seems like everyone is using the default theme and your site needs to stick out. More importantly, your site needs to represent you.

The Official Theme Repository

Your first step should be the official theme repo. It currently contains over 2000 themes and is regularly updated with new ones. Searching through 2000 themes can take awhile so WordPress built a Tag Filter to make searching a bit easier. Pay special attention to the ‘Layout’ and ‘Features’ filters for the best results.

WordPress Theme Shops

WordPress theme shops are your next best bet for quality WordPress themes. Most theme shops make their money off supports so be prepared to shell out a little cash if you find something you really like. The best part of going with a popular theme shop is the enhanced support and security.

Some popular theme shops include:

A more exhaustive list.

WordPress Theme Marketplaces

If you don’t find what you want in a theme shop your last stop would be one of a few theme marketplaces. These should be your last resort as quality and support are not backed by the marketplace and completely dependent on the theme authors.

Tips and Warnings

Always download premium themes from their source. Downloading themes from third parties is one of the easiest way to get your website infected with malware.

If you do resort to Google to find new WordPress themes try narrowing your search to a specific timeframe. Usually within the last year will give you more accurate results. Make sure you do a background check on all themes found through Google to make sure no one else is having problems with that theme.

Finally, update often. When a theme author releases an update to your theme its in your best interest to update. Whether the update introduces new features or has security patches its better safe than sorry. One of the bonuses of using a theme from the WordPress theme repo is you get the benefits of one click updates. Just something to keep in mind when you’re manually updating your WordPress themes.

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