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WPBusiness.info hosts online workshops and training sessions geared towards helping businesses get more out of WordPress.

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WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system and a powerful platform for your business’s website. Information and resources are abundant but change every day. ¬†WPBusiness.info is our effort to close the gab between businesses and the information they need to be more successful.

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Restricting Access to Pages and Posts

WordPress comes with a few user access levels and the ability to limit access to content right out of the box. On any post or page you can control access to your content through the use of the ‘Visibility’ setting within the Publish box. This is different...

Changing Your Admin Theme

Did you know you can change your WordPress admin theme? Up until the latest version you only had two options, blue or grey. Now, not only did the admin get an overhaul which made it much prettier, but you also have access to 8 different color schemes. Admin color...

Tips For Finding a New WordPress Theme

Setting up your first WordPress theme can be daunting. It seems like everyone is using the default theme and your site needs to stick out. More importantly, your site needs to represent you. The Official Theme Repository Your first step should be the official...